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Yonder-the Cloud Catcher Chronicles

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About Yonder-the Cloud Catcher Chronicles Mobile Mod Apk Free Download Crack Hack for PC –

Game description

Anyone who’s ever played a role-playing game has been frustrated by a nonsense quest, some sort of menial task that must be completed before a character agrees to give you a vital item. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chroniclesveers entirely too far in the opposite direction, as its characters can’t wait to hand you the items you’ll need for harvesting resources. One, an overly enthusiastic miner, presents a pickaxe to anybody who prompts him for conversation; speaking to him a second time completes that task. As he insists, he just really wants you to have that tool, no strings attached.

Traveling through Gemea, the island at the center of Yonder, carries a similar ease. There are no enemies, and your protagonist can’t die: jump off a cliff and he will cutely glide down via umbrella; submerge the hero in water and she’ll simply wash up nearby. The natural barriers that exist in the game apply only to shortcuts, like having to take the long way around a river until you’ve at last gathered enough skill and resources with which to craft a stone bridge, or having to satisfy the requests of Moai-like statues before you can leap into their mouths and fast-travel between them.

Yonder-the Cloud Catcher Chronicles Cheat Code,Hack
Yonder-the Cloud Catcher Chronicles Cheat Code,Hack

Who can play the game?

Venture across the diverse and shifting plains of a sprawling island paradise. From snow-capped summits to sun-kissed beaches, through days and nights and even shifting seasons, search inwards and outwards for a way to restore balance to the world.

Create your own hero and emerge into a world at once peaceful and yet beset by turmoil. Converse with the locals, gather plants and minerals, and engage with local fauna as you begin to unravel the mystery of the darkness that has plunged the world into despair.

Restore hope by working with the warm-hearted locals to farm the land, rebuild the towns and fish the local rivers. In turn, they’ll reward you with the supplies you’ll need to venture further, discover new areas and finally dispel the darkness.


Features of the game

Ignore the silly name, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is pretty special. A combat-free, risk-free game of exploration and meandering, farming and cat-gathering, questing and lazily fishing. Here’s wot I think:

It’s perhaps possible to be a little mercenary, and suggest that a lot of Yonder’s design comes as a result of collecting together sticky elements from other games and putting them all together. Take a chunk of Zelda’s grass-chopping item-scouring, a good spread of Harvest Moon’s farming, a nice pile of Animal Crossing’s village folk, a big stack of crafting from just about any survival game, and the quest structure of an MMO. And yet, while it absolutely is all those things, at no point does it ever feel cynical. It’s far, far too lovely for that. It’s teflon coated to protect it from cynicism. Believe me, I’m trying, and it doesn’t stick. It’s far, far too lovely.