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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Game description

The fundamentals are well put-together, with each unit having clear strengths, weaknesses, and counters that make you consider how best to use them in any given scenario. Helicopter gunships are great at taking out ground targets but get shot right out of the sky by fighters. In turn, those fighters can’t attack ground units and are very vulnerable to mobile artillery. Meanwhile, artillery doesn’t take damage when attacking but is cumbersome to set up and can’t move and fire on the same turn. Many of the most powerful units have a very limited vision range and can be effectively neutralized by taking out the squishier spotters that accompany them. There’s tons of potential for diverse, tactical play and counterplay baked in because of this.

Unfortunately, the AI bungles it most of the time. Across 14 main campaign missions and a handful of unlockable secret ones, which took me about as many hours to complete, I only had to restart once due to failing. Even in scenarios where the enemy was given more resources and all kinds of overpowered super units to use against me, it was almost trivial to fight them to a standstill, turn the tide, and win an overwhelming victory by sacrificing cheap units and setting traps I came to realize they would fall for every time. Using an infantry squad to lure a much more expensive tank into an artillery ambush was a reliable bet to neutralize powerful enemy units, and the AI never really managed to pull off the same ruse against me.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheat Code,Hack
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheat Code,Hack

Who can play the game?

When sprawling JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced for Nintendo Switch, many dismissed the 2017 release date as ambitious for such a huge game. However, veteran Japanese RPG Developer MonolithSoft manages to deliver yet another terrific experience for the fledgling console’s debut year.

We are quickly introduced to our plucky young hero Rex, who is quickly rolled up into a destiny much bigger than the world has prepared him for. The world of Alrest has sunken into a ‘Cloud Sea’ with the rest of civilisation living on the back of ‘Titans’ – Gargantuan beings who traverse the cloud Sea.

Once we meet the game’s main heroine Pyra, Rex is quickly embroiled in a quest which takes him across the backs and bellies of Titans and dinghy ships. Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s story is nothing to really write home about.

Rex, Pyra and the rest of its cast come across as mild caricatures of popular tropes from Japanese Anime. Rex is the young, hotheaded ameteur, not unlike Goku from Dragonball, or Naruto. The same can be said of Jin, a mask-wearing baddie whose only real threat is sounding emotionless and walking away from scenes incredibly slowly while ominous music looms in the background.

Features of the game

  • The Nintendo Direct broadcasts keep coming, with a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 special just hours away. It’s not necessarily surprising that we’re getting this particular presentation – Xenoblade Chronicles X had its own Direct in 2015 – and there’s plenty of scope for Nintendo to keep us intrigued with the game just under a month away.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the latest exclusive title to hit the Switch, with the high profile release aiming to end 2017 on a high for Nintendo’s console.

    The Monolith Soft adventure is the latest entry in the Xeno series, and is the sequel to the Wii’s highly influential Xenoblade Chronicles.

    Released back in 2010, the original Xenoblade Chronicles helped revitalise the JRPG genre.

    With a brilliant, action orientated combat system, a non-linear structure, and no random battles – Xenoblade Chronicles redefined what makes a JRPG.