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About Tiny Metal Mobile Mod Apk Free Download Crack Hack for PC & Nintendo Switch –

Game description

A turn-based strategy game of intrigue with a distinct Japanese flavor that takes place in the aftermath of your king’s assassination. Roll out the tanks, create more troops, expand your squad, and struggle for territory with war-room levels of control!

Outfight the enemy with your own army of foot soldiers, tanks, helicopters, tactical vehicles, and fighter jets. Capture rival territories and extend your military power over the sprawling map of Zipang. Follow the gripping story of Nathan Gries and answer for yourself what is — and what isn’t — worth fighting for.

Inspired by turn-based strategy games of the past, TINY METAL takes the finely honed gameplay of classical Japanese war gaming and brings it into the modern era with great graphics, 15 unique units, and never-before-seen gameplay mechanics. TINY METAL is the Japanese arcade war game you wish you had as a kid.

Tiny Metal Cheat Code,Hack
Tiny Metal Cheat Code,Hack

Who can play the game?

If you’ve never played Advance WarsTiny Metal is a simple turn-based strategy game that pits armies against one another on a grid-based map, where units battle over the control of cities (which generate money) and factories (which build units). Some missions play out almost like puzzle games, as you juggle the range and powers of a limited number of units, but most encounters play out like two tidal waves crashing into each other, as players seek to eke out an advantage in resources and production to allow them to outmuscle their opponent.

  • You can capture bases, cities and factories to churn out more units, though there doesn’t seem to be an option to combine injured units into one like in Advance Wars.

    The rock-paper-scissors idea common in strategy games is present too: Launcher units do great against vehicles, but can be wiped out by units with machine guns easily. Helicopter gunships wipe the floor with most land units, but can easily be taken down by fighters, who can’t attack ground units. Using the terrain to buff your defence is an important part of the game.