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Game description

South Park The Fractured but Whole game is played from a 2.5D third-person perspective, replicating the aesthetic of the television series. The New Kid is able to freely explore South Park, interacting with characters, undertaking quests, and accessing new areas by progressing through the main story. The player can choose from up to ten superhero archetypes ranging from high-speed Speedsters, close-combat Brutalists, powerful Psychics, and healing Plantmancers; each offering unique abilities. The New Kid and up to four allies fight their enemies using attacks including melee, ranged, and powerful farts. Battles take place on a grid, around which participants can move freely. Attacks have specific areas of effect, requiring tactical positioning for attack and defense.

South Park The Fractured but Whole Hack Code
South Park The Fractured but Whole Hack Code

Who can play the game?

This is South Park through and through, where outrageous and unpredictable plot developments contrast against the day-to-day goings on of seemingly normal suburbanites. There’s also the typical smattering of references to recent real-life events, from the Black Lives Matter movement to Morgan Freeman running a taqueria. But the game follows the franchise blueprint of lampooning pop culture and society without in-depth commentary, typified by the non-combat difficulty slider where being black is supposedly the hardest setting, and being white is the easiest. It’s an opportunity to present something meaningful left half-realized as a flyby gag.

Seemingly more care was put into the game’s more benign comedic touches, starting with game title itself. ‘The Fractured But Whole’ isn’t a mere excuse to hide ‘butthole’ in a game title; it’s also a clever take on Captain America: Civil War, relevant since the game’s story involves two rival superhero teams. The Fractured But Whole is a consistent chucklefest where genuine laugh out loud moments are spread thin, which is forgivable for a playthrough that can last over 20 hours. Thanks to fast travel, completing missions comes at a steady pace, which means you’re only minutes away from a new scene that would warrant a chortle at the very least. That could be Mr. Mackey’s disturbing inquisitiveness about your sexual preferences or the City Wok staff moonlighting as ninjas. And even in the more private settings of a stranger’s bathroom, the minigame of dropping a deuce offers its own flavor of hilarity.

Features of the game

The finished game features ten classes of superhero, but early in development it featured up to twelve, including the Mystic.USF chose the Brutalist, Speedster, and Blaster as starting classes because they were simple to understand. The developers decided to separate the player’s statistics from their clothing choices. Schroeder said players can create their own superhero brand by dressing the player-character as they want, citing the popularity of The Stick of Truth for online streaming. They developed the Artifact system, which could be used to enhance statistics, as an alternative A rejected option for The Stick of Truth was the choice to play as a girl, which could not be included without altering the entire narrative. They chose to include it in The Fractured but Whole; Stone said he always plays as a girl where the option exists.

The Fractured but Whole offers twelve allies compared to The Stick of Truths six; USF wanted them, their powers, and their associated dialogue to be a more frequent presence, involving them in both battles and exploration. While some of the children have genuine super powers, such as Mysterion’s immortality, the realism of the remaining characters’ powers is left deliberately ambiguous to maintain the illusion of children playing a game. Menzel said, “We want to continually dip into their imagination and let the player be in the kids’ imaginations”. The Coon will greatly exaggerate his abilities to suggest things he is not capable of, so the designers added small touches like having him trip or fall over.