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About Oure Mobile Mod Apk Free Download Crack Hack for PC –

Game description

Presenting itself as a cross between Journey and Shadow Of The Colossus, Oure is an indie adventure that pursues those influences doggedly, often at its own peril. While its watercolor visuals make a strong first impression, broken controls and sparse, boring gameplay result in a journey that feels aimless and dull.

You enter Oure under mysterious circumstances. As a boy or girl capable of transforming into a dragon, your parents spur you on to save the world (no pressure, mom and pops). From there, you’re soaring among the clouds, collecting blue orbs to turn on light towers, which then summon massive titans that you must take on in order to restore the post-apocalyptic world beneath you. Half of your time is spent meandering around the clouds, and the lack of environmental variety gets old fast. While freeform exploration segments aren’t necessarily a bad thing, constantly staring at misty whiteness makes the world of Oure dull to explore.

Oure Cheat Code,Hack
Oure Cheat Code,Hack

Who can play the game?

The story, ostensibly, is that this human child, boy or girl, was somehow born with special ancient dragon powers. We learn that, in the past, she had dreams about a big, sprawling cloudscape and, also, is interested in the history of titans, the mythological creatures that once protected the world. Early on in the game, we meet her as her parents coerce her through some glowing doorway into that cloudscape, which, this time, seems real. There, she must perform tasks to help calm down titans—yes, those same titans we heard about—who are apparently not doing so hot. The story unravels in fits and starts, often telling and not showing with disjointed voice lines and lots of silly cliches.


Features of the game

Soar through the clouds as a dragon, exploring the world and              hunting down artifacts
Transform into a child to operate ancient machinery and solve            puzzles
Track down and awaken the eight great Titans
Non-violent gameplay
A vast cloudscape to explore, all rendered in a unique art style
Sweeping orchestral soundtrack