Lineage 2: Revolution Cheat codes, Hack, Tricks & Techniques for (Android & iOS)

Lineage 2 Revolution


Get gold and a lot of money and build the most powerful empire. Use Hack Lineage 2: Revolution for Android & iOS and unlock all items and equipment for use. Cheat codes work successfully on Android and other mobile devices, just follow the tips in the instructions. Get a lot of gold on the account and speed up all processes, quickly raise the level and get a lot of money on the account for free.

How to get cheat code for Lineage 2: Revolution

STEP 1:  Click here to unlock Cheat Code for Lineage 2: Revolution You can use this cheat code to unlock secrets. You can also use this cheat code to make unlimited in-app purchased for cash and coins.

STEP 2: In case, a flag is raised, system may ask you to do a human verification. You may be required to fill a captcha or download, install and play a simple App to prove you are human. Download the app, play for few minutes to prove you are human and you will get cheat code on successful human verification.

Move to the colorful expanses of the game and build your own empire. Begin with training, build the initial buildings and engage in simple battles. Gaining victory, the player gains experience and unlocks access to more valuable items. Use the cheats Lineage 2: Revolution and get gold for free, this premium currency will allow you to play a more dynamic game and develop your skills.

Lineage 2: Revolution  Cheat Code
Lineage 2: Revolution Cheat Code

Game description

This is an action type and a role playing game especially made for those players who like to play action type game in their computers and gaming devices most of the time. This game is the second version to the Lineage series, which is mainly released for PS 3 & PS 4, Xbox, computers, tablets and smart mobiles, and is introduced with more new game features and revolutionary updates. In this game one can experience the UR equipment update which is the best equipment for the most powerful heroes and can also experience the real party play in it.

Who can play the game?

This is an action and adventure type of game that can be played by the adult people in most of the cases and can be played by the children with their parent’s permission, and can be played in the gaming consoles.

Features of the game

  • A real world experience offered by the game
  • Play this as a first person’s perspective with the players playing it around the globe at that time.
  • Play this game in the smart phones at anytime and anywhere while travelling
  • It has high quality graphics, amazing landmarks, and exciting soundtracks.
  • One can choose best weapons, armors and the best fighters for their team
  • It offers audio recording system, replaying the audio recordings and allows the players to voice chat with players.
Lineage 2: Revolution  hack
Lineage 2: Revolution hack


The main objective of this game is that a player has to select a team and a team leader, choose one from the team, and make it fight the battles to win the game levels, and to score more points that can be compared with the other players.

How to play the Game

To play this action and role playing game, a player has to choose a lead fighter character and a team of fighters, weapons and armors, start fighting in the battles by choosing a fighter from the team. To win in this game, a player will try to survive and score more points, collect the new game items and win the rewards, use the items in further battles and score more bonus points to win the levels.

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