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Game description

Beat gravity into submission in LawBreakers’ Early Access program, as you help develop and refine this exhilarating new first-person shooter in which even the laws of physics can be shattered, creating intense gravity-based combat and an ever-evolving and bloody arena.

Master a cast of antiheroes to conduct a savage symphony of vertical role-based combat across a rebuilt American landscape as you join the team from Boss Key Productions in creating this Steam Early Access title.

  • Early Access: Help the veteran team at Boss Key Productions build the ultimate competitive shooter by sharing your ideas and feedback directly with them in the Steam Early Access program. From live chat with the development team, to regular content updates, grey box maps and more Early Access testers will get to be part of the development process.
  • A Cast Of Killers: Revel in unparalleled vertical violence by mastering the skills of an array of diverse antiheroes, ranging from Cronos, a murderer who survived electrocution on death row, to Axel, a federal agent with a tattered past fighting for justice. Whether you kill for the nobility of the “Law,” or are out for blood as a “Breaker,” these symmetrical roles satisfy any appetite in an arena where the most skilled player and team will rise.
  • Threats From Every Angle: Experience visceral gameplay that is a cut above the competitive FPS genre. Variable gravity effects, unique role-based movement systems and gravity-manipulating abilities, make combat truly three-dimensional. Become a gravity-surfing killer and annihilate your enemies with grappling blades, reverse blind firing, time dilation, jetpacks and much more.
  • Modes that Matter: Fight to the death in intense game modes that elevate the competitive shooter genre to all new levels. LawBreakers’ signature brand of gravity-induced chaos, combined with innovative takes on multiplayer game modes, offers a truly unique and exhilarating experience.
  • A World Reimagined: Experience a futuristic America, years after a global seismic event known as “The Shattering” forever changed the landscape and even gravity itself. Become immersed into a raging conflict between Law and Breakers across iconic locations including the boiling oceans of Santa Monica, a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and nearly unrecognizable Mount Rushmore.

Who can play the game?

LawBreakers released on August 8 to a gaming world that largely didn’t seem to know what to make of it. Reviews questioned its niche in the class/hero shooter genre, and one of the key questions was whether the title could compete with titans like Overwatch, since as an online-only multiplayer game it would live and die by its playerbase. When our review published Lawbreakers had a 24-hour peak of about 1550 players, a number that as of writing this article has dipped down to a 24-hour peak of around 675 players, and a 30-day average of just over 800 players.

As we noted in our review, Lawbreakers isn’t a bad game. It has some rough edges, but manages to do some interesting new things with its combat. Unfortunately, it’s looking like the game is having trouble establishing itself in the crowded shooter genre. The daily player counts are declinining, and the gaming graveyard is littered with similar shooters that tried new things, but never found enough fans.


Features of the game

  • As suggested by the order of the image above, the new content will hit in order as it’s presented over the course of 2017. However, the game’s Twitter account also points out that video game development and its changing nature is always subject to change. But if things go as planned we will get new maps (Namsan and Gateway) first, followed by new features, then Boss Leagues, and finally a new class. Of course, regular, less substantive updates will also be rolled out throughout the year.

    As previously confirmed, all of this DLC will be free to owners of the game.

    LawBreakers is available via PS4 and PC for $29.99 USD. An Xbox One version of the game has yet to be announced or confirmed, but Bleszinksi has said in the past to not rule out a such a version.

    If you haven’t already, be sure to peep our review of the gravity-defying shooter, where we awarded it a 8 out of 10.