Gangster in High School Cash, Coins, Cheat Codes, Tricks & Secret Codes, Mod Apk on Android & iOS

Gangster in High School Cheat Codes
Gangster in High School Cheat Codes

STEPS TO GET Cheat Codes, cash, Coins for Gangster in High School

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STEP 1: Visit
STEP 2: Enter your  Gangster in High School user id and click on GENERATE.
STEP 3: You may have to scroll a bit up and down. The system will generate cash and Coins and will transfer these Coins to your account.
STEP 4: Sometimes, in order to confirm that you are a human, there may be an additional verification. If that happens, a VERIFY button will pop-up.
STEP 5: Click on VERIFY button. It may give you a captcha code or may ask you to fill some information or may ask you to download and install a game. if you chose to download and install a game, play the game for 45-60 seconds, then come back to Gangster in High School
STEP 6: Congratulations! Cash, Coins are already in your account.

About Gangster in High School game –

Game description

This is a stimulation type, escape, run and adventure type game which can be played by any players because it has very controls. A player just has to understand the situations, stages, abilities and missions given in the game levels, and then he/she can easily play it. This game provides a character called bobby who is high-school gangster student and a player plays his role in this game. As bobby is the evil kid, he run from & kills all police, and disturbs & steals from teachers, guards, students, and fights many combats within the school and in the Vegas city.

Who can play the game?

It can be played by the people of 10 years and above age, and it can be played by an individual player at anytime and anywhere.

Features of the game

  • Easy & fun to play
  • Smooth and intuitive controls
  • Minor bugs fixes
  • Thrilling and challenging missions
  • Different combat and fighting tools
  • Interesting game play
  • Amazing high-school environment
  • Stunning animation & 3D graphics


The objective of this game is that a player has to escape from the classroom, run in the school corridors, hide in the shadow spaces and fight, a high school survival game & win in the combats both in school, and outside in the city.


Gangster in High School Free Cash
Gangster in High School Free Cash

How to play the Game

This is a role playing game in which a player play a role of girl named Sophie who has been bullied by many students in her school; one can help to dress up as a karate kid and help her to learn karate. After that a player will get her ready to fight against the bully, can learn Zen lesions in further classes and can encourage her to participate in some tournaments, and can win lots of prizes also.

How to get Cheat Code, Hack, Free Cash & Coins:

Click below to visit URL to get code for Gangster in High School

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Gangster in High School Free Coins
Gangster in High School Free Coins