Bad Things Happen Cheat codes, Hack, Tricks & Techniques for (Android & iOS)


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How to get cheat code for Bad Things Happen

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Bad Things Happen Cheat Code
Bad Things Happen Cheat Code

Bad Things Happen –

Game description

This is an adventure, action, and first person shooter video game which was developed and released for PS 4 and Microsoft Windows, and it can be liked and played by those people who like to play these types of games. Its story follows the main character and his efforts to fight against the enemies in the war zone; and its story is arranged in chapters. It is played from first person’s perspective; and most of its levels are being navigated on foot but some levels are navigated through a vehicle.

Who can play the game?

It is an action type game that can be played by the children of 10 years and above age, and can be played by any adult person at anytime and in their gaming devices.

Features of the game

  • It features a large variety of weapons, most of which are highly advanced.
  • It also features a cover system present in the game
  • Exciting soundtracks.
  • Amazing 3D HD graphics and awesome animation
  • Players can use new attacks, run, climb, jump, use firearms and explosives to fight enemies.
  • One can also take help from their friends in the multi-player mode who will do cover fire when he/she is moving from one place to another.


The main objective of this action type game is that a player has to play a role of the main character, equip it with weapons and shields, fight the combats to score more points and win the levels.

How to play the Game

This is an adventure type game that can be played by any person at anytime in their gaming devices, to play it a player has to play it from a first person’s perspective as the main character and fight to the enemies. One can use new attacks, firearms and explosives to fight with the enemies, and can run, jump, and also climb to take a look of safer places nearby, and walk ahead. A player can use weapons to take down enemies, score more points and bonus gifts, and can play and win many levels.

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