Army Men Strike Cash, Coins, Silvers, Hacks, Cheat Codes, Tricks & Secret Codes, Mod Apk on Android & iOS

Army Men Strike
Army Men Strike Cheat Codes
Army Men Strike Cheat Codes

STEPS TO GET Cheat Codes, cash, coin for Army Men Strike

Get Free Cash & Coins for Army Men Strike

STEP 1: Visit
STEP 2: Enter your Army Men Strike user id and click on GENERATE.
STEP 3: You may have to scroll a bit up and down. The system will generate cash and coins and will transfer these coins to your account.
STEP 4: Sometimes, in order to confirm that you are a human, there may be an additional verification. If that happens, a VERIFY button will pop-up.
STEP 5: Click on VERIFY button. It may give you a captcha code or may ask you to fill some information or may ask you to download and install a game. if you chose to download and install a game, play the game for 45-60 seconds, then come back to Army Men Strike
STEP 6: Congratulations! Cash, coins are already in your account.

About Army Men Strike game –

Game description

This is a strategic and fun computer game which can be played any person at anytime and in anywhere. In this game one can live and go back to the childhood, experience the Lilliputian and pocket type army and desktop warfare, and one can enjoy happiest battles without any virtual blood loss scenes. This game contains many things like green army soldiers, remote control planes, rubber ducks, transformer toys and many other toys that can be added in an army. One can defend the invasion of the evil legion in bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard, and can win many battles.

Who can play the game?

This is a childish, strategic and fun fighting game which can be played by anyone, can be played by the children of 5 years and above age, and one can get indulged in it for a long period of time because it can hold players for long.

Features of the game

  • Experience the Lilliputian type of toy war by building headquarters in the bedroom, moneybox as the treasury, use toy train to transport resources, fight enemies in the kitchen, living room and even in bathroom.
  • Grow the army with ultimate strategic bomber, elite toys, add green army soldiers, and many more troops of various types
  • Players can expand and exterminate their areas by competing with real players and can also build fortifications to keep invaders away.


The objective of this game is that a player has to build their army, plan for battles, add weapons and machines, fight and win the battles with the enemies to score more points.

Army Men Strike  Free Cash
Army Men Strike Free Cash

How to play the Game

To start this game a player has to choose a character, choose a background, and then create a makeup look with the help of facial stencils and different hair colors & styles. After that choose from hundreds of tops, bottoms, dresses and shoes to create the ultimate look of the character, and can even create some career outfits also so that the characters looks perfect at their dream jobs. One can also change the backgrounds when they are done with the looks, add accessories, stickers, can use photo filters to take final photo and then save those looks in the end. To win and to reach to the higher levels in this game one will have to collect new fashion items and unlock new surprises.

How to get Cheat Code, Hack, Free Cash & Coins:

Click below to visit URL to get code for Army Men Strike.

Hack For Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike Free Coins
Army Men Strike Free Coins