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Agents of Mayhem

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About Agents of Mayhem Mobile Mod Apk Free Download Crack Hack for PC,Xbox One –

Game description

While still keeping one purple, stylishly-shod foot firmly planted in the Saints Row universe, Volition’s Agents of Mayhem is a bold attempt to create something a bit different. Whether or not you think it succeeds depends on how deeply you’re willing to immerse yourself in a colourful yet almost sleepy city, taking out waves of enemies with the intelligence of Afghan Hounds in a cartoonish action game where the shooting is serviceable but not outstanding.

The backdrop in AoM is a near-future imagining of Seoul where the game’s principal villain Dr Babylon rules over an organisation called LEGION. His aim? World domination—bwahahaha, and indeed, ha. Working from MAYHEM’s Ark high in the sky, controlled by the all-knowing Persephone Brimstone and her prissy assistant Friday, your job is to stop him.

Agents of Mayhem Cheat Code,Hack
Agents of Mayhem Cheat Code,Hack

Who can play the game?

Agents of Mayhem is an open world game played from a third-person perspective. The game takes place in a futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea, billed as “the city of tomorrow”. The game features twelve agents, and players can choose any three to complete missions and explore the world.

The agents are comprised in four trios: the Bombshells (Italian engineer Joule, Indian immunologist Rama, and German football hooligan Red Card); the Carnage a Trois (American field strategist Braddock, American derby driver Daisy, and Russian “Cold Warrior” Oleg Kirlov under the alias “Yeti”); the Firing Squad (American gang leader Pierce Washington under the alias “Kingpin”, Japanese hitman Oni, and Middle Eastern assassin Scheherazade); and the Franchise Force (Colombian former sky pirate Fortune, United States Navy chief petty officer Hardtack, and Canadian actor and proclaimed “Face of Mayhem” Hollywood).

Three additional agents are provided via downloadable content: Seoul police lieutenant Johnny Gat; Moroccan soldier Fatima Daoud, also known as “Lazarus”; and genius hacker Kinzie Kensington, under the alias “Safeword”.


Features of the game

      • Pick your squad of 3 highly skilled and iconic characters from a roster of 12 uniquely designed MAYHEM agents, brimming with personality
      • Play as any of the 3 Super Agents you select to take into battle, and swap between them on the fly for greater gameplay depth
      • Customize your Agents’ skills and Upgrade their arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles.
      • Upgrade the ARK, MAYHEM’s base of operations for more player options and enhanced gameplay


      • The technologically advanced capital of South Korea with its Open World cityscape is your playground to take down LEGION
      • Discover secret research centers concealed throughout Seoul, hidden enemy lairs beneath the glossy surface of the city, and nefarious plots to unravel
      • Take the fight to LEGION throughout Seoul in a wide range of Open World missions and distractions, and defeat giant doomsday weapons!
      • Explore by foot, advanced traversal and vehicles to advance through both vertical and horizontal environments


      • Inspired by an assortment of past and present pop culture revolving around super heroes, comics and Saturday morning cartoons, Agents of Mayhem takes inspiration from the favorite things of past and present generations of players!
      • Over-the-top action combined with a comic-inspired art style and trademark humor takes Volition’s beloved rule-breaking gameplay experience to a whole new universe